Syria     Click on thumbnails below for additional pictures, all taken in 2001 (map, info, travelogue, essay on early Islam)


The third holiest mosque of the Muslims after Mecca and Medina and ahead of the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem


This is two arches joined like a hinge to pivot the main street through a 30 degree turn.

Hama etc.

Make a creaky, groaning sound when they run


Now under restoration, it was built by the Umayyad caliphs but rebuilt several times after quakes and fire


Afamia's peak was in the 2nd century CE when it apparently boasted a population of 500,000.

Dead Cities

A two storey tavern


The Greeks added the innovation of vowels to the Ugaritic alphabet, which only had consonants

Quneitra, Golan Heights

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