Argentina    Tierra del Fuego, Buenos Aires, and San Carlos de Bariloche, 1994 (map, info).

Tierra del Fuego

Beagle channel

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Boats at dusk

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End of the world

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Ushuaia-town1.jpg (206860 bytes)

Beagle channel lighthouse

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Red-green booth

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Seals and penguins

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Passing tanker

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Glacier trek

Trek-to-Andean-glacier.jpg (187357 bytes)

Fellow visitors

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National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Buenos Aires / San Carlos de Bariloche

Casa Rosada

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Cemeterio de Recoleta

cemeterio-de-la-recoleta.jpg (203021 bytes)

(Ex) Plaza del Ingles

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Paris of the West?

Paris-of-the-west.jpg (266261 bytes)

Tango street blues

la-boca1.jpg (267154 bytes)

... and more

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La Boca houses

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Rio de la Plata

Rio-de-la-plata-at-sea.jpg (171419 bytes)

Bariloche ...

Bariloche-night-glitter1.jpg (231241 bytes)

.... evening lights

Bariloche-night-glitter3.jpg (238574 bytes)

Andean hamlet

sleepy-Andean-hamlet.jpg (231566 bytes)

Andean town plaza

sleepy-Andean-village-square.jpg (225643 bytes)


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