Netherlands   (map, info, 1998-2001, 2008)

Morning in Amsterdam

Morning over Keizersgracht across where yours truly lived

Smoking something?

What buildings perhaps seem like from the second-hand smoke in them cafes

Keizersgracht (more)

Shunya lived in the visible block for a year

Begijnhof, Amsterdam

Former convent in central Amsterdam

Amstel at night, Amsterdam    

Bridge on the river Amstel

Queen's B'day festivities

Partying on the canals on April 30th

Leidesegracht, A'dam

Taken from the bridge parallel to Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

Canal view

Cruising the canals

A'dam buildings

Canal scene

Goa Coffeeshop

Drawbridge by the Amstel

Red Light District

Red Light Business

Rembrandt (more)

Tattoo Convention

Reflecting in Amsterdam

View from a bridge

The Centraal Station

Central train station in Amsterdam


Keizersgracht, near Leidseplein, Amsterdam

Flower power (Keukenhof)

Silsila was shot here


IJsselmeer town, important during Dutch golden age


Home to the US army base, it also has popular summer beaches - near the Hague

Medembleik-Hoorn  express

Only steam engine train in Holland

Hoorn main square

Haughty burgher

Hoorn harbor

IJsselmeer town, gave Cape Horn its name


Bikes are everywhere in Holland 


Invaluable in Dutch history

Hyacinth in April

Near the Keukenhof


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