Aleppo, Syria

Great mosque

Now under restoration, it was built by the Umayyad caliphs but rebuilt several times after quakes and fire


Courtyard with its typical checkerboard pattern of black and white

Khan al-Jumruk

A khan was a caravanserai -- a stop for the caravans and centers of commerce for the east-west trade for centuries

Madrassa Halawiyya

Madrassa Halawiyya was a theological college which also houses a 6th century CE Cathedral of St Helen

Hammam an-Nahaseen

An average neighborhood hammam, this is the main changing area. It's too early in the morning for any patrons.

Old City mosque

A mosque in the old city, built in early Ottoman times

Two boys

From their looks, they are up to no good


Aleppo castle, long the bastion of the defense forces of Aleppo

Bab al-Faraj

A clock tower in the new city


A street in Al-Jdeida, the Syrian Christian part of town

Souq on Friday

Friday is the Muslim weekly holiday, much like Sunday in many other parts of the world

Souq street

The narrow windy lanes of the souq

Local man

at the Great mosque of Aleppo


in the streets of the souq

Wood carvings

The wooden carving on the upper floors is exquisite

Aleppo museum

These extraordinary statues are replicas of pillars that once supported the ceiling of an 8th or 9th century BC temple-palace complex in north-eastern Syria !!


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