Hama and Environs, Syria

Norias of Hama

Centuries-old wooden water wheels

Wooden water wheels

Make a creaky, groaning sound when they run

Al-Nuri mosque

Built by the Muslim commander Nur ad-Din in the 12th century CE


One of the two minarets in the background

Grand mosque of Hama

Built by the Umayyads of Damascus in the 8th century CE

Domed treasury

Raised on eight Roman/Byzantine columns


It stands on the site of a former church itself built upon a pagan temple

Omar the driver 

Omar, the driver of this beautiful 1976 Benz I rented for the day. The taxis in Hama are all 60's and 70's Benz models (retrofitted)

Beehive houses

Used from ancient times, they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

East of Hama

Made of mud-brick, these houses are in the villages east of Hama

Local man

A local man

Village cemetery 

Local village cemetery


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