Havana, Cuba (map, info, 1995).

"It's thought that humans first cruised from South America to Cuba around 3500 BC. Primarily fishers and hunter-gatherers, these original inhabitants were later joined by the agriculturalist Taino, a branch of the Arawak Indians. Christopher Columbus sighted Cuba on 27 October 1492, and by 1514, Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar had conquered the island for the Spanish crown and founded seven settlements. When captured Taino chief and resistance fighter Hatuey was condemned to die at the stake, he refused baptism, saying that he never wanted to see another Spaniard again, not even in heaven." [-- Lonely Planet Cuba]

El Morro, Havana

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Sunset from El Morro

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Vieja square

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Live Salsa

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Waves at the Malecon

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Tenement building

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State Capitol

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Havana aerial view

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Typical street

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Straw hat maker

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Hemmingway's hangout

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Palacio National 

(now museo de la revolution)


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Former royal residence

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Rush hour traffic

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Old Square

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La Fortaleza

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Cycle bus

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City block

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La universidad

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La universidad

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