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Delhi, India      Click on thumbnails below for additional pictures.

Popularly known as Old Delhi, it is India's second largest city, surpassed in population only by Greater Mumbai (Bombay). New Delhi, the capital of India, lies immediately to the south. It is generally presumed that the city was named for Raja Dhilu, a king who reigned in the 1st century BCE, and that the various names by which it has been known (Delhi, Dehli, Dilli, and Dhilli) are corruptions of his name. Delhi has been the capital city of a succession of mighty empires and powerful kingdoms, and numerous ruins mark the sites of the various cities. Apparently the city has changed its locality seven times, although some authorities, who take smaller towns and strongholds into account, claim it has changed its site as many as 15 times. All of these locations are confined to a triangular area of about 180 square km called the Delhi triangle. [Adapted from Encyclopedia Britannica]

Raj Ghat

National Museum

Red Fort

Jama Masjid

Humayun's Tomb

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib

Lodi Garden

Tughlaqabad Fort

The ramparts of the fort built by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq c.1325

Qutb Minar

Qutb-ud-din Aibak commissioned this as a tower of victory to mark the defeat of the last Hindu kingdom in Delhi

Lotus temple

India Gate / Rajpath / Parliament





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