Purana Qila, Delhi, India

"Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) carried out excavations at Purana Qila ... and its findings and artefacts are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum, Purana Qila. This includes Painted Grey Ware, dating 1000 BC, and various objects and pottery signifying continuous habitation from Mauryan to Sunga, Kushana, Gupta, Rajput, Delhi Sultanate and Mughal periods." (Source: Wikipedia)

West Gate, "Bara Darwaza"

North Gate interior

North Gate interior

Back of the mosque

Qila-i-Kuhna Mosque

Entrance Arch

Mosque facade

Prayer niche

Mosque interior

For sultans and courtiers

Five arched prayer niches

Precursor to Mughal design

Mosque interior

Prayer niche, or mihrab

Prayer niche, or mihrab

Prayer niche, or mihrab

Sher Mandal

Observatory and library

Made of red sandstone

Ruins of a building

South gate, "Humayun Darwaza"

Double-storied gateway

Site of a sound & light show

Pillared pavillions, "chattris"

Mas ruinas

Couples in the park

A tranquil spot

Baoli at Purana Qila



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