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*Sri Lanka*


Red Fort, Delhi, India

Red Fort (from Jama Masjid)

Lahore Gate (more)


Diwan-i-am (more)

Diwan-i-am ...

Pillared hall (more)

... or the hall of public audience

Seat of Mughal power

Inner sanctum

Emperor's haunts

Emperor's quarters ...

... a.k.a. Khas Mahal (more)

Diwan-i-khas (1, 2)

"If there is a paradise on earth ...

Ex-home of the Peacock Throne

... it is this, it is this, it is this."

Marble inlay work (more)

Sound and Light show

Sound and Light show

View of Moti Masjid (more)

Rang Mahal

Shahi Burj

Corner building

Moon & dome





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