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*Sri Lanka*

Asia          Click on thumbnails for additional pictures (People of Asia - except India)

  India Photo Archive on Shunya


Photos from hundreds of Indian sites, including portraits, wildlife, archaeology, culture, and nature.

Selected Photo Essays

The Kumbh Mela

A journey to the Kumbh Mela 2013, the largest gathering of humanity on the planet.

Dholavira: A Harappan Metropolis

The road to Dholavira goes through a dazzling white landscape of salty mudflats. It is close to noon in early April and the mercury is already past 100F.
The Birthplace of Ganesh

Dodi Tal, considered the birthplace of Lord Ganesh, is a lake in Garhwal, western Uttaranchal. We hiked 44 km in 3 days, going up and down from about 5,000 ft to 11,000 ft, where we...

The Dilwara Temples

Many Indians claim that the Dilwara Jain temples of Mt. Abu are a more magnificent achievement than the Taj Mahal - both were stunningly ...


About 1,700 years ago, Nagarjunakonda flourished as a city and a great religious and educational center of Brahmanism and Buddhism in ... south India...

Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is the single most sacred site of Buddhism. It was in the forest here that Prince Siddharta sat under a tree and achieved enlightenment....

The Burning Ghats of Varanasi

Varanasi, on the left bank of the Ganga, is one of the seven sacred cities of the Hindus. Among the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world, ...

Anandpur Sahib

Anandpur Sahib is a holy city in Punjab. Its historical significance to the Sikhs is second only to Amritsar. Hundreds of Sikhs once embraced martyrdom here..

Land of the Asiatic Lion

The only lions in the wild outside Africa are in the Indian state of Gujarat in the Sasan Gir Forest Reserve, created in 1913 and accorded sanctuary status in 1965...

Forbidden City

Surrounded by moat and high walls, the Forbidden City earned its name by being closed to everyone outside the Chinese royal family and their eunuchs and maidservants.
Melting Girls, Serpent Women

A day trip to the Pushkar camel fair that attracts over 250,000 visitors from India and abroad. Villagers turn up for both business and pleasure...


The seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile is in McLeod Ganj (upper Dharamsala), a picturesque town overlooking the Kangra valley, ... in the Indian Himalayas.

Nalanda University

Nalanda in Bihar, India, is one of the most spectacular archaeological finds on the subcontinent. Nalanda was once a famous Buddhist monastery and university...

The Rann of Kutch

Once an extension of the Arabian Sea, the Rann ("salt marsh") has been closed off by centuries of silting. During Alexander's time it was a navigable lake, ...

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

Bhimbetka remained a center of human activity from the lower Paleolithic times—the oldest [rock] paintings are believed to be 12,000 years old ...
Death in the Afternoon

A hot Sunday afternoon in Mexico City. The largest bullring in the world is packed with feisty locals. Restless, they whistle and hoot before the main event when emotions run high ...


India Photo Archive on Shunya

Photos from hundreds of Indian sites, including portraits, wildlife, archaeology, culture, and nature.



Indonesia (2009)

China (1997, 2007)

Sri Lanka (2014)

Turkey (2002)

EphesusLibrary3.jpg (145180 bytes)

Jordan (2001)

Landscape1.jpg (119739 bytes)

Syria (2001)

This is two arches joined like a hinge to pivot the main street through a 30 degree turn.

Thailand (2001)

Reclining indoors

Singapore (2003, 2009)

Japan (1997)

Asakusa-Senso-ji-temple-entrance.jpg (236184 bytes)

Korea (1997)

Island-Pagoda.jpg (206974 bytes)


Africa         Click on thumbnails for additional pictures (People of Africa)

Tanzania (2005)

Uganda (2005)

Egypt (2002)

Morocco (1998)

Mosque architecture

Americas          Click on thumbnails for additional pictures (People of the Americas)

Dominican Republic

Trinidad & Tobago


United States


Spectacular Mayan ruins at Palenque


Typical tree of the Pantanal - the Indians call it Piuva


Macchu-picchu1.jpg (239260 bytes)


Slow-roasted-lamb.jpg (261873 bytes)


Palacio-de-la-moneda.jpg (240031 bytes)


Cartagena-fort-inside-view.jpg (246188 bytes)


El-Morro.jpg (217007 bytes)


antigua-guatemala.jpg (239073 bytes)


Caracas-vista2.jpg (191774 bytes)


seal-sunset1.jpg (173092 bytes)


Beach-diver.jpg (189024 bytes)

Costa Rica

SanJoseCenter.jpg (263084 bytes)

Europe             Click on thumbnails for additional pictures (People of Europe)






Rodin's Thinker


Built in the 5th century BCE by Phidias under the reign of Pericles


What buildings perhaps seem like from the second-hand smoke in them cafes


Across the Grand canal


nyhaven.jpg (219794 bytes)


colorful-people.jpg (134890 bytes)

United Kingdom

AlbertHall.jpg (164126 bytes)


Cordoba-Mestiza1.jpg (229136 bytes)


MunichRathaus.jpg (158544 bytes)


Palace.jpg (94599 bytes)


GenevaLake.jpg (96876 bytes)


Norwegian-log-cabins.jpg (216553 bytes)


RestaurantFacade.jpg (145200 bytes)





The North Pole

At the North Pole




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