Chamba Town, Himachal Pradesh, India                        Temples of Chamba, Bhuri Singh Museum

View from Chowgan

Chamba upon Ravi (more)


Encountered in the dense alleys of old Chamba

The Chowgan (more)

North view

Rang Mahal

Now houses some government offices and an unimpressive government handicrafts emporium

Chamba hill

Snacking on Chowgan

Spring blossom

For whom the bells toll?


Chinese food stall

Chinese / Tibetan food has made it to the usual roadside stalls in many Himalayan cities.

Commencing a game

Room with a view

Center of town (more)

View of town center and Chowgan from the Chamunda Devi temple

Afternoon on chowgan (more)

South view

Town square with fountain

Chamba court

Public rally

Demands centered on reparations for damages to farmer's houses from a water engineering project executed by the state.

Man and child

Now playing ...

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of the play; Shunya has not seen it but noticed this poster all over town.

Local boy

Spring bloom

Salacious gossip?

Two boys


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