Bhuri Singh Museum, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India           Chamba Town, Temples of Chamba

Gyan Chaupad (Indian Ludo) Painted in Chamba style, 19th c. CE

Copper plate recording
a land grant
10th c. CE

Eulogy from Sarahan 9th or 10th c. CE

The wedding of Rukmini with Krishna
Painting in Guler style, 1775 CE

Combat with serpent Kaliya Chamba style, by Laharu, 1758 CE

Sudama's bewilderment
Guler painting at Chamba, 1770 CE

Sita in Balmiki's hermitageChamba painting in Kangra style, 1795 CE

Combat between Krishna and Rukma
Guler painting, 1775 CE

Chamba Rumal

Chamba Rumal

Chamba Rumal

Indian Ludo
Chamba Rumal

Painted door from Rang Mahal
circa 19th c. CE

Vishnu seated on Garuda
Prov. Swai, Chura, 10th c. CE

Wooden door with carvingsState Kothi, Bharmour, mid-17th c. CE

Prov. Chamba town, 12th c. CE

Fountain slab Vill. Luddu, Pargana Panjala, 17th c. CE

Fountain slab Prov. Vill. Piura, Chamba, 15th c. CE

Fountain slab Prov. Vill. Behnota, Chura, 12th c. CE

Buddha head
Bhuri Singh Museum


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