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The ancient site of Lothal ('place of the dead') was discovered in 1954 by SR Rao ... Excavations from 1955-62 established Lothal as a Harappan port town and a manufacturing center of many objects ... possibly for export to other Harappan and west Asian cities ... The material remains of the Harappans of Lothal reflect their high standards in many areas: ... beads of various shapes and materials, third largest collection of Indus seals next only to Mohenjodaro and Harappa, ... shell objects, copper objects like an ingot of 99.98% purity, various copper and bronze objects like drill-bits, saw and fish-hooks, tools of stone, weaving tools, pottery with intricate painting, games objects, terracotta figurines animals like gorilla, horse, and rhinoceros, series of accurate weights, ivory scale with linear divisions, shell compass for sighting a line and measuring cardinal angle, etc. (read more)   [- Apr 06]

Up to 4,400 years old well

Lothal dockyard (1, 2)

Lothal ship anchors

Lothal warehouse (more)

The acropolis (or citadel)

Kitchen with pot furnace

Kitchen with pot furnace

Kitchen area

Kitchen area

Pot furnace

Drains and pot furnace

Sewage drains (more)

Bead maker's kiln

Lower town (more)

Lower town

Former market area (1, 2)

Acropolis drains (more)

Acropolis drains

Acropolis drains (1, 2)

A well on the acropolis

The chief source of water for the citadel area


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