Junagarh , Gujarat, India   (including Gandhi's childhood home at Rajkot)

Ashokan rock edicts

Fourteen moral directives

Pali text from 3rd cent. BCE

Ash-smeared Naga sadhu

Mahabat Maqbara

Mausoleum complex


First mausoleum (more)

Second mausoleum (1, 2


Uperkot Fort (Jama Masjid, Buddhist rock-cut caves, Adi Chadi baoli, water tank, etc.)

Fort walls

Behind the fort entrance

Water tank inside the fort

Junagarh from the fort

Jama Masjid (behind the canon)

Once a palace, later a mosque

The interior of this erstwhile Hindu palace was remodeled into a mosque.

Astrologer's tomb (and more)

Pillared prayer hall

Improvised prayer niche

This appears to have been a Hindu wall carving that was later used as the prayer niche in the mosque

Pillared prayer hall

Girnar hill from the mosque

Girnar hill with its Jain and Hindu temples are on the hill in the middle.

Uperkot fort turret

Rock-cut Buddhist caves

Ground level view

Upper level cave

Bathing tank

Lower level cave (more)

Weathered pillars

Both storeys

Lower level cave (more)

Adi Chadi Baoli

Descending the baoli (more)

Cylindrical walls

Ascending the baoli

Pilgrims at a temple tank near Girnar Hill

Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Rajkot (Gandhi's home for several years in his youth)

Courtyard behind
front entrance

Courtyard with small
assembly area in the corner

Main corridor linking rooms

Main corridor linking rooms

Toilet area is in the corner

Gandhi's father's room is the
one on the right

Exhibit in one of the rooms

Corridor behind the rooms



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