Jinja, Uganda

The second largest town in Uganda, where the Nile flows out of Lake Victoria, at 1,140 m above sea level.  Founded in 1901 as a British administrative centre, it became a municipality in 1957, when construction began nearby on the Owen Falls Dam. The hydroelectric power from it was instrumental in Jinja's development as the country's main industrial centre. Industries include the first steel-rolling mill of eastern Africa, a copper smeltery, plywood and tobacco factories, and a grain-conditioning plant. Nearby are a brewery, a textile factory, and large sugar plantations. Products are transported by lake steamer, as well as by rail and road. Pop. (1980 prelim.) 45,060. [—Adapted from Encyclopedia Britannica, 2004]

The town of Jinja

Main street

Parallel street

Another street

Yet another street


Private guards

Shastras and Qur'an

Biking home?

Hindu temple

Another temple

Priest with someone

Mahatma Gandhi statue



Tossing the net

Hauling 'em in

The Source of the Nile, Lake Victoria

Definitely Lake Victoria

Still Lake Victoria

Last of Lake Victoria

Victoria | Nile

Birth of the Nile

Nile's first 100 yards

Nile's first mile

On site billboard


Lake Victoria side

Gandhi at the Source

"I was here" photo


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