LGBT Pride Parade 2008, San Francisco, USA

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration and Parade, 2008

Dykes on Bikes (1, 2, 3)

Mikes on Bikes

Everybody adds color

Sea horse people

Market Street, downtown

Newly weds

Indian LGBTs (1, 2)

Southeast Asian LGBTs

Floating by

The Lusty Lady


Cheerleaders (more)

We love our gay son

LGBT evangelicals

Muscle People

Wall to wall tattoo

Newly weds

Rainbow attire

ACLU Contingent

LGBT Family Coalition

LGBT families

LGBT family

LGBT Freedom Band

Gay future dads

LGBT Dog Owners

Parents and Friends

Kamala Harris, DA

Against pesticides

LGBT Muslims

Asia-Pac contingent

Obama pride

Oakland Firefighters

Wells Fargo (more)

Crowd on the street

The Lusty Lady

Limo service

Free HIV Tests

Barechest calendar men

Latin American contingents

Samba Rio Man

Good advice

Municipal servicemen

Gay Men's Chorus


Radical Faeries

BART Float

On stilts (more)

No comment

Man or woman

Check out my plumage

Gays on Bikes (1, 2)

Dykes on Bikes

Gay Google

Madame Butterfly

Drag queens

For Jury Immunity



Theater float

Silver lady

Local theater (more)

Marriage rights (1, 2, 3)

Rodeo float

Straights for Gay Rights

Stop deporting our partners

LGBT Christians

LGBT Christians (more)

Gay Buddha



No Me Meth

Berkeley free clinic


Rocky Horror Picture Show

LGBT Christians

Paint company

No Circumcision

Chasing Amy social club

Bank of America float

Bay Quackers

Queers and whores

Sex workers of SF


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