Oahu, Hawaii, USA           (map, info).

The photos below are from a fully paid-up 5-day trip for two to a high-end resort in Oahu, May 2012 — the kind of reward that Corporations periodically give to its loyal employees and top performers. Of course, given my devotion to the great and ennobling mission of Corporate America, my hard work, professional excellence, and passion for success were eventually recognized with a Presidents's Club award. ;-)


with trainers

Giving commands (more)


Playing (1, 2, 3)


Southern Oahu (1, 2)

Kahala resort (1, 2)

Devoted corporate employee

... and his partner

Beach near the hotel

Fire dancers

Dinner by the pool / beach

Keaiwa Heiau State Park

On 'Aiea Loop Trail (1, 2)

Hiker (1, 2)


Pearl City in the distance

Beach off Kamehameha Hwy

Northwestern Oahu (more)


Beach (more)


Polynesian cultural center (1, 2)

Wood carved

Tiki statues (more)

Taller than a man

Impressive heargear

Eastern coastline

Deserted beach

Kualoa regional park (more)

Chinaman's hat / Mokoli'i island (more)

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach

Sunset on Kailua Beach

Bishop museum

Pa'u, royal feather garment

Kaneikokala (more)

Waikiki beach (more)

Waikiki beach (1, 2)



Room with a view (1, 2)


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