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Aya Sofya

Church of the Divine Wisdom

... closer

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... inside

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Süleymaniye Mosque

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Blue Mosque

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Dancing girls

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... courtyard

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Yeni Mosque

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All dressed up

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Istanbul woman

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Istanbul Man

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Topkapi Palace

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Dorm of the Expeditionary Force

Dormitory of the Expeditionary Force (now museum that houses the Imperial Caftans)

Library of Ahmet III

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Suite of the Felicitous Cloak

Suite of the Felicitous Cloak -- Prophet's Relics

Imperial treasury

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Inside the Harem

Ornate decor

Palace Interior

Exquisite tiles and furnishings

The Bosphorus from Topkapi Palace

View of the Bosphorus from the Topkapi palace. On the left is the entrance to the Golden Horn

Mother and child

A pensive mother with child

The Bosphorus from Asia

The first of two suspension bridges on the Bosphorus seen from the Asian side of Istanbul

Bridge on the Bosphorus

This is the first of the two suspension bridges across the Bosphorus

View from Rumeli Fortress

This is the second of two suspension bridges on the Bosphorus. It is not far from the entrance to the Black Sea

The Golden Horn

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