St. Joseph, Brasso Seco, Arima, Trinidad and Tobago

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St. Joseph, first capital of Trinidad

Surviving buildings (more)

Environs (more)

Now "the best reason for beer"

Local cemetery (more)

Local resident (1, 2)

Gurdwara near Arima

Cricket on the road

Rosa's host home, Brasso Seco

Mr. and Mrs. Ford

Their living room

Kitchen (backyard)

Brasso Seco church

Inside the church (more)

Customers at local bar (more)


Bar is in front of church

Village houses (1, 2)

Village houses (more)

Coffee beans

Giant beetle

Pet parrot

Kissing the son of the Ford's

Dinner at the Ford's

Rainforest hike

Chaconia, T&T's national flower

Cultivated slopes (more)

Pimento peppers

Small waterfall (more)

A clear stream (more)

Hike path

Hike path (1, 2)

Waterfall (1, 2, 3)


Local flower

Crab trying to hide

Namit with rainforest guide

Bamboo thicket

Cooling off

Before the torrential rain

Amerindian museum, Arima

A painting inside

Wood sculpture (more)

Namit and Ulric (more)



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