Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

Intro coming soon ...

Naipaul's family home (more)

The house of Mr. Biswas? (1, 2)

Shop on main street

Doubles for breakfast

Chaguanas Market

Local produce

Peppers (more)

Pumpkin, taro, etc.

Dasheen and Cassava

Scotch bonnet peppers

Shop on main street

Shopping complex, main st.


Tied up, some still live

Catch of the day

Meat for sale


"Horny man"

Music sampler

Local couple

Waterloo temple in the sea

Shiva temple (1, 2)

The statues (more)

Local devotees

Sewdass Sadhu

Cremation ground

Amid cats and dogs

Hanuman murti

House of Sewdass Sadhu

Hanuman temple

Devotees (more)

Cricket (more)

Home of indentured laborer
(Indian Caribbean Museum)

Sugarcane press

Shuttered sugar factory

Gambling at "member's club"


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