The Vanni and the East Coast, Sri Lanka

Houses destroyed by war still abound in the Vanni (more)

The Vanni saw heavy action in the Civil War during 2006-09

A few of the vehicles destroyed in the war, mostly from aerial bombs (more)

India is building 100K homes in exercise of soft power (more)

Typical jungle terrain of LTTE hideouts, near Kombavil (more)

A swimming pool in the jungle, concealed with a canopy (more)

Apparently used by LTTE for
deep sea attack training (info)

Now a war tourism site, with a slide in parking lot (canteen)

Water tank in Kilinochi, toppled in 2008, a year before the war's end

The government alleges this was done by the LTTE in 2008 (more)

But a common Tamil belief is that the government forces were responsible

Triumphalist and propagandistic
language is commonplace
at such sites (more)

War Monument at
Elephant Pass (more)

View from Wadduwakal

Corporal Gamini Kularathna
Memorial at Elephant Pass (info)

Corporal Gamini Kularathna
Memorial at Elephant Pass (1, 2)

Beach near Mullaitivu where the LTTE took its final stand (1, 2, 3)

Munitions are still being cleared 5 years after the war's end (1, 2)

Welders dismantiling a Jordanian ship destroyed by LTTE (info)

Remains of the ship off the
beach (more, info)

Remains of a church destroyed by the Dec 2004 Tsunami

Tsunami Memorial Church at Mullaittivu

Church interior with names
of the dead on pillars (1, 2)

The beautiful Mullaittivu coast, site of much bloodshed (more)

War Memorial Musuem near Puthukkudiyiruppu.
It displays arms used by the LTTE: suicide boats, torpedo launchers, a range of heavy guns, etc.

LTTE military munitions

Submarine boats

Torpedo launchers

Tiny suicide boat (1, 2, 3)

LTTE boats

Armored vehicle

More navy boats (more)

Anti-aircraft guns (1, 2)

Small boats

Odd shaped boat

Larger navy boats

Victory Monument (info)

Nilaveli, Trincomalee




Nilaveli Beach


Long expanse (more)

Restaurant on the beach

Nilaveli Sunrise

Stray dogs, Tsunami debris

Dead Pufferfish

Nilaveli Sunrise

Fishing village

Nilaveli Sunset

Nilaveli Sunset (1, 2, 3)

Tsunami evacuation sign


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