Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Vijayawada, also called Bezwada, lies at the head of the delta of the mighty Krishna river. Surrounded by hills and intersected by canals, it has emerged as a major port and important junction on the east-coast train line from Kolkata to Chennai. While it's an important industrial center and a hectic city, many also regard it as the heart of Andhra culture and language. The main attraction here are the temples, including the ancient rock-cave temples. The city is a centre for Hindu pilgrimages. [Adapted from Encyclopedia Britannica]

Busy intersection

City by the Krishna river

View from above (more)

Random street

Colored chicks (more)

Visitor to the city (more)

Visitor to the city (more)

Pilgrim boy

Kanak Durga temple

Pilgrims (more)



Pilgrims climbing steps

Father and son

Sculpture over Shiva temple

Sculpture over Shiva temple

Bathing pilgrims

Of all shapes and sizes

For both genders

Sacred water?

Ready for a dip

Father and son

Two brahmins

Pilgrim in black

Undavalli Caves

Hindu rock-cut cave temples

Begun in 6th century CE

Second of four floors (more)

Reclining Vishnu (more)

Female sentry (1, 2)

Landscape from the caves

Landscape from the caves



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