Pattadakal, Karnataka, India (info)

The monuments at Pattadakal, a World Heritage site, represent early experiments in Hindu temple architecture, incorporating both the Dravidian (or the Southern) and the Nagara (or the Northern) styles of temple architecture. Pattadakal was an early capital of the Chalukyas of Southern India, who built these temples in the seventh and eighth centuries. Of the nine temples and a Jain sanctuary, the best known is the Virupaksha temple, built by Queen Lokamahadevi c. 740 to commemorate her husband's victory over the Pallavas. ( more )

Pattadakal temple complex

A World Heritage site

Built by the Chalukyas

From 7th-8th centuries CE

Sangameshwara temple (1, 2)

Virupaksha temple

... carving

Rear walls

Temple guard

Shiva slaying demon

Amorous couple (1, 2)

Amorous couple (1, 2)

Temple interior

Nandi temple

Pillar detail (1, 2)

Pillar detail (1, 2)

Nandi with priest (more)

Kadasiddeshwara temple

Galagnath temple exterior

Jambulinga and Galagnath temples

Mallikarjuna temple (inside)

Guard at the inner sanctum

Pillar detail (1, 2, 3)

Couple with child

Amorous couple

Amorous couple

Amorous couple

Amorous couple


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