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Thar Desert & Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Sand dunes

Resting; somewhere in the Thar Desert

Desert woman



Passing caravan



Desert sands

Desert village

Small western Rajasthan village

Resting Clan

All family members of a royal family are buried here

Tombs in the desert

Tombs looming in the distance

Wishes come true at Salasar?

Dune meditator


Camel's worldview?

Shunya's transportation for 30 miles


Desertscape3.jpg (172242 bytes)

Desert palace

Now a Rajasthan tourist bungalow


View from the fort

View from balcony

View overlooking the palace lake

The Thinker

Man lost in thought


Dwelling inside the fort complex

Boy performers

Young entrepreneurs

Local architecture

Jaisalmer-inside-fort.jpg (220581 bytes)

Marriage announcement

A marriage announcement is posted on the wall

School children

Returning from school

Desert Boys

desert-boys.jpg (264530 bytes)

Shy children

A shy bunch

Morning sun

Mmmmm, warm! Next to the Jain temple.

Thar Desert village

Father and Son





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