Zamosc, Poland

Rynek Wielki (main square)

Renaissance facades

A private courtyard

Former City Wall (1, 2, 3)

Old Town street (1, 2)

Zamoyski Palace (more)

Town Hall square

Town Hall square (more)


Inside (more)

Dates from the 16th cent.

Renaissance sculpture

Old Town architecture (1, 2)

Open air market

Main Square (1, 2)

Main square (more)

17th cent. Synagogue (more)

Future museum (1, 2, 3)

Annexe (more)

WW II era jokes about Jews

Ormianska St.

Hallway along main square

Town Hall square

Ormianska St.

Modern wooden sculpture

A rare dilapidated facade

An old town church (more)

Snailing away

Greek-Russian Church

Old town street

Lunch spot

Black bear at the zoo


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