Warsaw, Poland

Castle Square (1, 2)

Royal Castle (1, 2)

Old Town St.

Market Square (more)

Market Square

Old Town

Vistula River (more)

Warsaw from the river (more)

St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's Church (more)

Carmelite Church

Carmelite Church (1, 2)

Traveling Bear Exhibit (1, 2)

A bear from every country

"Global Ethic Bear"

Entry from India

Market Square

Market Square

Market Square

Market Square

St. John's Cathedral (more)

Radziwill Palace

Warsaw Rising Museum

Milk Bar

Posing couple

Warsaw University

Kopernika (Copernicus) St.

Statue of Copernicus


Saxon Gardens (more)

Art in the Park


Church of the Holy Cross

First Communion (more)

Nowy Swiat (1, 2)

Museum of Culture &
Science (more)

Royal Way

Eastern Orthodox Church

Cathedral near Praski Park
(1, 2, 3)

Inside the cathedral

A Mall in Warsaw

Mall scene

Mall scene

Dying Fetus Band


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