Kolkata City, West Bengal, India      (Related Pages: Calcutta, Durga Puja 2005, Indian Museum)

India's largest city and once the capital (1772-1912) of British India, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is located on the east bank of the Hooghly, a channel of the Ganges, 154 km upstream from the Bay of Bengal. Growing beyond its British colonial foundations, Kolkata assimilated strong European influences to create an amalgam culture that found early expression in the life and works of the 19th-century Bengali elite and its best known figure, Rabindranath Tagore. Kolkatans are said to possess a rare joie de vivre that manifests itself in their penchant for art and culture and a level of intellectual vitality and politica

l awareness unsurpassed in the rest of the country. No other Indian city can draw the kinds of crowds that throng to Calcutta's book fairs, art exhibitions, and concerts. There is a lively trading of polemics on walls, which has led to Kolkata being dubbed the city of posters. But Kolkata thrives amid seemingly insurmountable economic, social, and political problems. For all its vitality, a large number of its residents live in abject conditions, far removed from the rarefied cultural milieu. Many a visitor remarks on the city's air quality, physical decay, and fetid smells. In short, Kolkata remains an enigma to many Indians as well as to foreigners. It continues to puzzle newcomers and to arouse an abiding nostalgia in the minds of those who have lived there.   [- Oct '05 & Oct '06]


Kalighat temple

Calcutta rickshaw

Street dweller (more)

Public bathing

Kalighat widow

Kalighat man

Kalighat woman

Kalighat man

Nirmal Hriday

Public mouthwash

Folded hands

Worth fixing?

Santoshpur & Jadavpur

Leftist posters

Communal ground water tap

Jadavpur University area

Bagha Jatin station

Bagha Jatin store

Waiting for the train

Marriage vows

Layout for a puja

A wedding household

A post-monsoon wedding

Calcutta Lake Club dinner

Fish curry (maacher-jhol)



Roadside eatery

Souvenir stall

Open air bathing

Calcutta street

Gariahat area

Gariahat area

Calcutta tram

Roadside barber

A shrine and its architect


Gariahat fish market

Gariahat fish market (more)

Fruit stall

Flower market

Gariahat nursery

Gariahat market


Drinking coconuts

Kwality Walls ice-cream

Sealdah & College St.

Sealdah station

College street

English literature bookstore

Sunday morning scene

Presidency college

College / MG road

Chariot on MG road

Mama Stall No--1A

Calcutta rickshaw (1, 2)

Calcutta rickshaw

Calcutta rickshaw

Calcutta rickshaw (more)

MG Road

Street dweller

Street dweller

Sunil Ganguly on a billboard

Side street near Sealdah

Round gourd

Street near Sealdah (more)

Custom cards store

Calcutta Tram

Calcutta Tram

Calcutta Tram

Calcutta Tram

Directing traffic

Jagadhatri puja spot


Black Krishna (more)

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

Boat on the Hooghly

Kali temple (1, 2)

Kali temple (1, 2)

From the river (more)

The Hooghly (more)


Snack joint

Bathing couple

Belur Math

From the river

Main building (more)

Side view (entrance gate)

Large pot

Widow at Belur Math

Squatting Girl

Bengali pilgrim

Announcing a fair



Victoria Memorial

Howrah bridge

Piggybank vendors, Howrah

Kathi roll off Park St.


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