Magaruque Island, Mozambique

(Notes from a journey to Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia, Sep/Oct 2015.)

Magaruque Island is part of the Bazaruto Archipelago across from the coastal town of Vilankulo, where we stayed. We went to Magaruque for a day trip on a dhow (incidentally, most dhows nowadays use both a sail and a motor to power themselves). We walked around the island in 3 hours, had lunch on the sands, and snorkeled at the adjoining coral reef. There are no settlements on much of the island and hardly any visitors, so it’s easy to imagine being marooned on an unspoiled tropical island. I found the island’s beaches, its sand dunes, and the turquoise waters around it impossibly beautiful, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. [—Namit Arora, October 2015]

Going to Magaruque

Aboard a dhow

Aboard a dhow

Fellow passengers (more)

Magaruque in sight (more)

Northern shore (more)

Mansion with a view

Island vista

Public beach

Off the boat

Crab posing on the beach

Eastern coast (more)

Low tide

Eastern beach

Unspoiled island (more)

Sand dunes

Southern coast (more)

On Magaruque Island

On Magaruque Island

Soft sand

Dead tree on the beach

Uninhabited coast

Beach vista (1, 2)

Dead wood (more)

Deserted coast (more)

Atop sand dunes (1, 2)

Sand dunes

Eastern beach (1, 2)

Eastern coast (1, 2)

Powdery sand

Blue and green (more)


Green cover on sand

Curvy beach (more)

Range of colors

Shades of blue-green


Impossible colors (1, 2)

Shades of blue-green

For the family album

Finally, two other visitors!


Indian ocean inlet

Subtle shades

3 hours to walk around

Sand dunes inland


No one in sight

Lots of crab holes

Birds feasting on worms

Low tide vista

Lots of crab holes

Shades of blue-brown

Powdery white sand

Still life with tree stump

Bay at the island

Boats at low tide

Western coast (1, 2)


10 km off African coast

Rocky stretch

Rocky shoreline

Dhow near the island

A lagoon

Partying South Africans

A logoon

Eating lunch

Indian ocean blues

A speeding boat

Snorkeling the reef

Our captain

End of the trip (more)


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