Sigulda, Latvia

Gauja National Park (1, 2)

Gauja River

Hiking through

Gutman Cave (1, 2, 3)

Turaida Castle from Sigulda

Below Turaida Castle

Inside the castle (more)

Castle workers

The Sundial of Turaida castle

Diorama with prisoners

Former room for guards

Typical tower room (1, 2)

Chapel in the castle

Castle buildings

Krimulda Castle

Krimulda Castle

Mushroom in Guaja NP

Krimulda homes

Passage through Krimulda

Krimulda Palace

Once a Baron's estate (more)

Once a Baron's estate

Once a Baron's estate (more)

A walk through Krimulda

Lilac flower

Lakeside church in Sigulda

Swan (1, 2)



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