Riga, Latvia

House of Blackheads (more)

St. Roland Statue

Liv Laukums Square (1, 2)

The square in the evening

Freedom Monument (more)

Dome Cathedral (1, 2)

Daugava River

A couple by the river

St. Peter's (more)

20 Jan 91 Memorial (more)

Gulag exhibit in the Museum
of the Occupation of Latvia

Stalin's propaganda poster

Rats Laukums

Riga church towers

French Embassy

Locked up bridge!

Riga Castle

President's House

Three Brothers

St. Jacob's Cathedral (more)

Latvia Bank (more)


Great Guild

Merchant House, Marstalu St

City canal

Bridge on the city canal

Park around city canal

Bastion Hill


Bridge on the River Daugava

Cat House

St. Peter's + St. Roland


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