Petra, Jordan


The approach to Petra, the ancient city of the Nabateans, goes through this narrow canyon

Narrow canyon

Strange patterns and shades abound on the walls

Natural split

The passage narrows in places to about 3 meters

Ancient passageway

Another part of the 1.2 Km long passage before one gets to Al-Khazaneh or the Treasury


This is where the valuables were stored

in full view

Made famous by an Indiana Jones movie

Obelisk tomb

Petra tombs

Street of facades

Petra dwellings along the passageway now called the Street of Facades


The ancient theatre of Petra, a powerful trading city in early first millennium CE and which controlled much of the southern middle-east

Hike to the Monastery

A strenuous hike (trust me) to Al-Dier or the Monastery.


The reward, looks similar to the Treasury

Royal tombs

The burial tombs of the royals with carved facades in the sandstone cliffs


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