Jerash, Amman, Aqaba, Jordan

Hadrian's arch

In the first century BC, Jerash, hitherto a town of 15,000 inhabitants, became part of the Roman province of Syria

The Oval plaza

In the next two centuries the city grew wealthy through trade with the Nabateans of Petra

South theatre

Jerash was elevated to the status of a Roman colony during its peak in the 3rd century CE

Theatre seats

This theatre could hold 5000 spectators in its heyday

Ancient Amman

Colonnade of the forum of ancient, Roman Amman

Hashemite square

Hashemite square in a hub of activity in downtown (il-balad) Amman


Aqaba is just north of the border with Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea coast

Aqaba beach 

A slow day on the beach



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