Yogyakarta, Indonesia           Click on thumbnails below for additional pictures.

Streetside chess

The Kraton, former sultan's
residence (now a figurehead)

Pavilion for ceremonies
(another pavilion)

Local rickshaw,
Malioboro street (more)

Batik designs

A major art form in Indonesia

Pushing the envelope

Batik gallery (1, 2)

A government building

Yogya airport guardian

Bahasa Indonesia sample

Mt. Merapi volcano

Ramayana Ballet

Purawisata open air theater

Marico the demon, who turns
into a deer in the forest
poses for me backstage (1, 2)

Rama, Shinta, Laksamana

Shinta in Alengka with
Rahwana's maids

Hanoman goes to Alengka,
making trouble here for
Rahwana's soldiers

The monkey army (more)

Rama in the battlefield

Rama battling Rahwana

Before Shinta's trial by fire

End of the dance-drama

The entire cast

Rahwana, Rama, Shinta,
Hanoman posing for snaps

Sonobudayo Museum

Kepala Dewi

Gamelan instruments (more)

Millennium old spice holder

Old Javanese in Pallava-
inspired script (more)

Wayang theater puppets

Generally made of leather

Sometimes made of wood

Accompanied by gamelan

Ornate doorway (1, 2)

Wood carving of Siva

Wisnu and Siwa

Atinya w/ flaming penis (info)

Torture scene?

Javanese masks (more)

Carving a mask

Dwarapala (temple guardian)

Structure of a Candi (temple)

Durga Mahisasura Mardini





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