Prambanan, Indonesia   

The temples from afar

Built around 850 CE (1, 2)

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hit by the 2006 quake (1, 2)

Brahma, Siwa, Vishnu
temples lined up ...

...with Garuda, Nandi, Hamsa
temples directly across

Brahma temple

Shiva Temple (1, 2, 3, 4)

Shiva and Vishnu temples

Nandi temple (1, 2)
(Swan temple is behind)

Nandi statue
(sun god statue inside)

Nandi temple sculpture
(1, 2)

Nandi temple exterior

Nandi temple exterior

Nandi temple exterior
(1, 2)

Garuda temple

Garuda temple sculpture

Ruins of smaller temples
cover the ground (more)

Temples from across a field
(1, 2, 3)

Hot weather refreshments

Candi Lumbung & other temples in the complex (1, 2)

Some god's feet on a
pedestal fragment

Excavated foundations of
other temples

Path to another group
of temples (Candi Bubrah)

Candi Sewu (more, info), a
9th cent. Buddhist sanctuary

Access to the temple is
currently blocked ...

... due to damage sustained
by the 2006 earthquake

Temple guardians (more)

Gamelan instruments in
the museum on site (1, 2)

Overflowing Hindu statuary
(1, 2)

A Dutch artist's impression
of Prambanan, 1807

Statues in Shiva temple (it was closed for renovation)


Plaosan Temple Complex, Prambanan District

Dwarpala, or temple guardian

Buddhist temple (approach)

From the 9th century (more)

Avalokitesvara, exterior wall

Temple sculpture

Main temple sculpture
on the exterior wall

Stupas amid ruins of
other temples

A second big temple is
under restoration

Temple deities (more)

One of three rooms (more)

Another sculpture inside

About 1200 years old


Ratu Boko: Ruins of the Mataram Kingdom

Approaching the site (more)

Pintu Gerbang, or Main Gate

Side view (more)

The inside gate (side, back)

Visitor behind the gate

The field behind the gate

Foundations of buildings

More ruins (1, 2)

Pandapa, or Audience Hall
(wider view)

Inside the Pandapa

Platform and stairs


A sacred site?

Altar area? (more)

Kaputren, or bathing pool...

for the royalty (1, 2)

Now good for buffaloes (1, 2)

More ruins behind (more)

Way up to Gua, the Cave

The Cave, one a temple?

Once a crematorium (more)

Stairs leading up

Candi Pembakaran statue

Site map (sights)



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