Medan, Indonesia 

Medan girls

A busy intersection

Becak (motorcycle-rickshaw)

Medan boys (1, 2, 3)

Istana Maimoon (more)

Former palace of the sultan
(1, 2)

Sultan and sultana posing
(now ceremonial head)

Sultana (in white) & friends

Sun Plaza

A cafe inside Sun Plaza

Sweet temptations

Bollywood restaurant

Mesjid Raya (info, rear view)

Inside the main door (more)

Prayer hall (1, 2)

Graveyard behind mosque

Average street (1, 2)

Kesawan square

Another intersection

Waiting at the light

Flooded river in shanties

Flooded river (1, 2)

Street food

Common female attire in
north Sumatra

Hindu Temple (more),
in Medan's "Little India"

Temple doorway

Statues on the exterior

Statues on the exterior



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