South Lombok, Indonesia 

Lying below a coastal range of low hills, the southern coast of Lombok is somewhat more arid than the rest of the island. Though this renders it less suitable for agriculture, it makes it great for tourism, especially in combination with the chain of neatly scalloped little bays that face the tropical ocean, unbroken southward for hundreds of miles. The shallow, round bays are enclosed by reefs, which quell the waves far from land, creating blue pools of warm serenity. Only the sea floor can be rocky in places and the sand is a little strange: lightweight, spherical grains, so that in some places you sink to your ankles with every step. The beaches remain blissfully quiet, primarily enjoyed by day-trippers from other parts of the island, though there's enough tourist infrastructure to host backpackers and wandering beach bums. —Usha Alexander, Dec 2016.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach (1, 2)

Playing kids (more)

Kuta Beach (more)

Long beach (1, 2)

Shades of blue-brown

Another bay (more)

Kuta beach

A series of bays

An ocean inlet

An ocean inlet

Strange statues

Rice paddies by the sea

Inserbergs by the sea ...

... closeup view (1, 2)


Rickety bridge

Grazing buffaloes

Fishing boats in Kuta

Kuta mosque

Busiest part of beach

Main beach (more)

Large-grained sand

Beachfront shops (1, 2)


Mawun beach

Mawun beach

Mawun beach (more)


South Lombok road

South Lombok vista


Seger beach (more)

Tanjung Aan beach (more)

Tanjung Aan beach

About 2 km long

Fine white sand (1, 2)

Warm shallow water

Perfect swimming spot

Coconut seller

Gerupuk bay

Gerupuk bay

Fishing boats

Local girls (more)




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