North Lombok, Indonesia 

The northern half of Lombok Island is dominated by Gunung Rinjani, a massive volcano that occasionally coughs up ashes and flame. Its sides and foothills are blanketed in dense forests, owing to the rain that Mt. Rinjani pulls down heavily across the northern end of its island. Two fairytale waterfalls are popular picnic destination for locals and a great spot to cool off; to reach the upper one, Tiu Kelep, hikers have to ford a rocky stream for some distance. The northern coastal plain is farmed for rice and vegetables. Cars and trucks are still fairly new to Lombok, and farmers still often rely on animal power to pull their ploughs. —Usha Alexander, Dec 2016.


Two waterfalls — Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep

Hike to the falls (more)

Two tiered Sendang Gile

Lush forest around (1, 2)

Visitors (more)

Posing woman


Hike to Tiu Kelep

Gushing stream (1, 2)

Fording the stream

Tiu Kelep in sight

Tiu Kelep

Below the falls

Foothils of Mt. Rinjani

Rainforest cover

Thunderous gush

Close to Senaru village


Rice paddies (more)

Harvest time

Threshing rice (more)

Cutting the stalks

Feed for cattle

Terrace farming (more)

Peanut harvesting

Cow powered (more)

Tanjung produce market

Senaru village





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