Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India

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Dal Lake

Early evening


Lake vista

Water lily

Women on the lake

Back channel

Pleasure ride

Houseboats on Nigeen
Lake (1, 2)

Lake vista

Lake vista

Houseboats on Nigeen


A houseboat

"Texas" houseboat

Women rowing

Pari Mahal (more)

Built by Dara-Shikoh

Terraced arched garden

Dates from 17th cent.

Info (more)



Valley from Pari Mahal
(1, 2, 3)

Chashme Shahi

Built in 1632

Named after a spring

"The Royal Spring"

Persian inspiration

Terraced garden

Overlooking Dal lake



Nishat Bagh

Terraced Mughal garden

"Garden of Delight"

Boys bathing on Eid
(1, 2)

Dal lake in the distance

Built in 1633 (more)

Zabarwan mountains behind

On one of 12 terraces

Shalimar Garden

Built by Jahangir

Dates from 1619 (more)

Terraced garden

Marble pavilion (more)

View from the pavilion (more)

Girls dressed up for Eid (1, 2)

Waterfall (1, 2, 3)

Couple posing

Mughal-era pavilion

A flautist

Marble pavilion

Eid holiday

A day of celebration

Boys bathing

Looking south

Hazratbal Mosque

Claims to hold a beard
hair of the Prophet (1, 2)

No women allowed in
main prayer area

Prayer hall and mihrab

Dolls and guns

Srinagar homes

Hamdania Cricket Club

Dastgeer Sahib, sufi
shrine of Sheikh Syed
Abdul Qadir Jelani

Akhund Mullah Shah
Mosque, built in 17th c.

Shrine of sufi mystic
Hamza Makhdoom

Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara (more)

Inside the gurudwara

Hari Parbat, a hill with
a fort (1, 2)

Durrani Fort atop

Begin by Akbar in 1590

Completed in 1808 by
Shuja Shah Durrani (more)


View from above (more)

Dal lake, Nigeen lake

Temple and gurudwara
on top of the fort (more)

View from above

View from above

View from above (1)

View from above

Badamvaer orchard (Info)

Dates from 16th cent.

Restored in 2007 (more)



Jamia Masjid (Info)

Closed this day (more)

Dates from 1394 (more)

Built by father of Budshah

Facing Mecca (more)

Deodar pillars (more)

Women's section

Holds 33,333 people (more)

Budshah's tomb, dates
from 15th century

Resting place of Sultan
Zain-Ul-Abidin's mother

And quiet flows the
Jhelum (1, 2)

Meandering through
Srinagar's old town (more)

Khanqah Shah-i-Hamadan

Mosque and Sufi shrine (more)

Dates from 1395 (more)

Rear view

Inside view of entrance

Two boys at the shrine

Giant fried parathas

A building in old town

Dal Lake

Dal Lake (more)

Dal Lake (1, 2)

Dal Lake (more)

Washing a carpet

Water lily

Lake vista

Houseboats in a row


Three women


"Massaj man" available

Dal to Nigeen lake (more)

Water lilies


Selling vegetables


Sunset with fort view

Our houseboat

Houseboat living room

Lounging aboard (more)

Visitors at Pari Mahal



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