Kausani, Uttaranchal, India

Kausani sunrise (1, 2)

Above the Himalayas

Looming peaks (1, 2)

The faint white peak on the left is Trishul,additional pictures of which can be seen by clicking on the links in the parenthesis above.

Evening dreamscape (1, 2)

Kausani (more)

Anasakti Ashram

MK Gandhi was charmed by the Himalayan views at Kausani and spent two weeks here during which he wrote Anasakti Yoga, a commentary on the Gita. An ashram, effectively a museum with an attached dorm, was later built here.

Main square (more)

Gandhi exhibit (entrance)

Lots of quotes from "My Experiments with Truth" alongside rare photographs from Gandhi's life.

Hike to Pinath temple (~16 km roundtrip)

Village near starting point

Pinath temple is on the highest point visible in this picture.

Village boy

Tilling the farm

Local boys

Farmland (more)

Wheat mill

Water power is harnessed to turn the lower of two wheels of this mill. It is still in use though other methods are becoming more common.


On the hike

Pine trees (1, 2)

Ganesh temple en route

The fertility wall

During an annual fair, barren women come from far and wide to implore Shiva for an offspring. Part of the ritual is for the woman to hold a small oil lamp in her palm and climb up the slanting stone wall that is made slick with butter.

Appeasing a spirit

Apparently, a guard was accidentally killed here by a soldier. At some point, a gesture to appease his spirit began whereby all travelers passing by this spot are to make a token offering of twigs or branches into the pile.

Hike path

Little shrine en route

Shrines like these dot the hike up to Pinath temple.

Shiva rules

Shiva is the numero uno diety in the Himalayas.


Hike path

Landscape (more)

Local tree

The last mile

There are apparently 365 steps that lead up straight to the top of this mountain, where the Pinath temple is.

The destination

Pinath temple (1, 2, 3)

Inside the temple

Inner sanctum

Path to Pinath temple

Dedicated to Shiva

Picnic spot (more)

Another temple on site


Lengthening shadows

Valley in late afternoon

House on a hill

Hike to Baijnath temple

Baijnath, a 12 km hike from Kausani, is a small town in the Katyuri valley. Once the capital of the Katyuri dynasty of kings, it was then called Kartikyapura. Numerous temples from the 12th cent. CE, from the tail-end of this dynasty, lie on the banks of the Gomti in a fairly atmospheric setting. They are dedicated to Shiva, Ganesh, Parvati, Chandika, Kuber, Surya, and Brahma. The hike to Baijnath goes past anemic river beds (pre-monsoon), scenic settlements, pine forests, and tea gardens nestled in remote valleys.

Landscape en route (1, 2)

Uttaranchal tea estate

Pine forest (more)

Slippery slope

Village path

Village shrine

Village kids

Village kids

Bathing boys

Bathing men

Working woman


Baijnath temple complex (1, 2)

On the banks of Gomti (1, 2)

Shikara style, 1000+ years old

Ancient breast self-exam?


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