Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Established as Hailey National Park in 1935, this park spread over 521 sq km was first renamed Ramganga in 1954 and then Corbett in 1957, in memory of Jim Corbett, a British tiger hunter turned conservationist and author of the classic Man-eaters of Kumaon. Located in the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas about 50 km northwest of Ramnagar town, the park consists mainly of the broad Patlidoon Valley, through which the Ramganga River flows west. The forest cover includes sal (Shorea), teak, oak, silver fir, spruce, cypress, and birch. India's Project Tiger was established here in 1973. Langur, sloth bear, Indian gray mongoose, Himalayan palm civet, elephant, wild boar, common otter, porcupine, barking deer, nilgai, black kite, shikra, Indian white backed vulture, black partridge, red jungle fowl, and peafowl are also found in the park. In all, the park contains 110 tree species, 50 mammals species, 580 bird species, and 25 reptile species. [Adapted from Encyclopedia Britannica.]

Shivalik hills

"A large hearted gentleman"
-- Jim Corbett (1, 2, 3, 4)

Wild elephants

Ramganga river

Termite hill (more)

Golden jackal

Sambhar deer

Morning fog

Wild Indian elephant

Ambling female

Spraying dirt

Butt shot

Common Indian monkey

Mother and child

Picking lice

Taking a break

Foothills of the Himalayas

Reservoir (more)

Ghariyal crocodile

Evening hues

Wild boar



Monitor lizard (more)

Sal forest

Morning light

Ramganga river

Local bird

Tame elephants

Ramganga river (1, 2)

Crossing the river

Looking for tigers

Weaver bird nests

Weaver bird nests

Chital (Spotted deer)



Market day at Gaudhi village near Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh (en route Corbett National Park)

Animal trader

Animal market

Cows and buffaloes for sale

Potential purchase

Chili and spice

Chili and spice

Chili and spice

Chili and spice

Beans and lentils

Girls gathering cow dung

Tractor engine



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