Almora, Uttaranchal, India

Almora district

Dharanaula town

Home of the Gorkhas

Colonial era building

Now a veterinary hospital

MK Gandhi statue

Shiva temple (1, 2)

Fire on the mountain

Kasar Devi temple (more)

Kasar Devi temple

Nanda Devi Temple

Built around late 1500s CE

Wall detail

Yoni and Lingam

Nanda Devi side

This is a more recent addition and houses a garishly dressed Nanda Devi, an avatar of Durga.

Homo love


Hetero love


Jageshwar Temple Complex (~38 km northeast of Almora)

Temples in the forest

A forest of deodar pines envelops the temple complex

Dates from 7th century CE

The complex has 124 temples

A commissioned puja

Thicket of temples

Five are "living" temples

"living" means they still have puja done inside them in the presence of a priest.

Most are dedicated to Shiva

A handful are dedicated to Durga, Ganesh, Parvati, Hanuman, etc.

Lotus flower

Priest walking through

Another cluster

Puja paraphernalia


Water tank on site

Burning ghee on wood

All shapes and sizes

A corner temple


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