Munich, Germany, 2017, 1995

Munich, a city on the banks of River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps, is the capital of the German state of Bavaria.

Munich old town

Bread paradise (more)

Surfing on the Isar (more)

Jewish Museum

Neues Rathaus,
or New town hall (more)

On Marienplatz (1, 2)



The Platzl, old town

Closely-packed townhouses

Food paradise (more)

Sendlinger Strasse

Hofbrauhaus (more)

World famous tavern

Beer hall band

The thing to do here

Hofgarten (court garden)

Residenz museum

An event in a bookstore

Riding on the U-Bahn

Munich Stadtmuseum

Museum of modern art

Max Josef platz

National Theater

Neuhauser Strasse

Sendlinger Tor

Sendlinger Strasse

Walk in the park

English Garden

Large public park (1, 2)

Created in 1789

"Chinese Tower"

Beer garden (more)

Lake (more)

Greek-style temple

Late evening view

St. Michael Kirche

Represents the triumph
of Catholicism during
the Counter-Reformation

16th cent. Jesuit church

The high altar (more)

Asam Kirche, 18th cent.

A private church built
by two Asam brothers

Morbid sculpture inside
baroque church

St Nepomuk (more)

Happy camper

Viktualien Market

Gourmet farmer's market

"Victual" means food

A delicious smoothie

Behind St. Peter's
church (more)

Place for flowers, fruit,
game, poultry, spices,
cheese, fish, juices, etc.

St Ludwig church

Frauenkirche (more)

Jesus sculpture (more)


Cenotaph of Emperor
Louis IV (more)

Devout visitor (more)

Jesus saves

An ad with Trump

Karlsplatz (1995)

MunichKarlsplatz.jpg (111168 bytes)

Rathaus (1995)

MunichRathaus.jpg (158544 bytes)


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