Blois, France

"Looming on a rocky escarpment, Blois’ historic chateau (formerly the feudal seat of the powerful counts of Blois) has been repeatedly redeveloped over the last seven centuries, and its grand halls, spiral staircases and sweeping courtyards provide a whistle-stop tour through the key periods of French architecture. Blois suffered heavy bombardment during WWII, and the modern-day town is mostly the result of speedy postwar reconstruction. Inland from the river the twisting streets of the old town give you some idea of how Blois might have looked to its medieval inhabitants; and if you’re suffering from chateau fatigue, there are some intriguing diversions to explore, including a museum of magic."   [Lonely Planet France, —Aug 2010]

Blois (more)

Blois rooftops (more)

The Loire (more)

Streets (1, 2)


Blois chateau (western side)

Blois chateau

Chateau entrance (1, 2)

Courtyard, south side (1, 2)

Courtyard, north side (more)

Chateau room (1, 2, 3)


The Hall of the Estates General (1, 2, 3)

Singer (more)

Enacting a medieval fight ...

... between catholics and protestants (1, 2)

Histrio, Salon de 1872 (info)

The Dancer (info)

Roman Marriage (info)

Sapho sur le rocher de Laucade, salon de 1859 (info)

The gilded fireplace (info)


Gargoyle (more)

Another fireplace

Somebody's bedchamber

Chateau room (1, 2)

Chateau room

Chateau room (more)

Blois old town(more)

Blois old town (more)

Blois old town (more)

Blois old town

Eglise St. Vincent (more)

View across the bridge

Street view

Robert Houdin

Cathedral St Louis (1, 2)

Interior (1, 2)

The crypt

Auto art




My veg dinner


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