London, England, June 2017

Standing on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. It was founded by the Romans, who named it Londinium. London's ancient core, the City of London, largely retains its 2.9 km2 medieval boundaries. London has a diverse range of people and cultures, and more than 300 languages are spoken in the region. —From Wikipedia.

Brick Lane


London Bridge memorial

Thames, London Bridge

Regent Street

Russel square (more)


St. Paul Cathedral

A pub in London

Willesden Green

Westminster Abbey (more)

"I was here"


Lively evening (more)

St. Martin's Theatre

River Thames

Big Ben

A the British Library

St. Pancras Station

Carnaby Street

The City

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Ex-home in Ealing, 1998

The British Museum

Head of a Kouros
580-570 BCE
Cyclades, Greece

Terracotta figure of a
reclining at a feast
wearing a pointed cap of
Oriental type, c. 500 BCE
Troy, Turkey

Terracotta perfume
in the shape of
a kneeling man and a
fat dwarf, 550-500 BCE
Kamiros, Rhodes

Oldest known hoard of
coins, 650-625 CE
Ephesus, Turkey

Posing with Cupid
Roman, 2nd cent. CE

Marble female head
550-520 BCE

The Nereid Monument

Lely's Venus (Aphrodite)
1st or 2nd cent. CE

A woman reclines in the
lap of her companion

Going out hunting
Assyrian, 645-635 BCE
Nineveh, North Palace

Return from the hunt
Assyrian, 645-635 BCE
Nineveh, North Palace

Lion hunt on horseback
Assyrian, 645-635 BCE
Nineveh, North Palace

The Royal Lion Hunt
Assyrian, 645-635 BCE
Nineveh, North Palace

'Standard Inscription'

British Museum hallway

King Ramses II (more)

Mexican gallery (info)


From Huaxtec peoples
900-1450 CE

Stone sculptures of
female deities (info)

Lintel 24 (info)

Stone figure of Xochipilli
Aztec, 1350-1521 CE

Codex Zouche-Nuttall
Mixtec, 14th cent. CE

The Discovery of Benin
Art by the West

Cast brass plaques
Nigeria, 16th century

Brass plaques,
Benin, Nigeria

Brass plaque,
Benin, Nigeria (info)

African Textiles

Saltcellar, Ivory, Benin,
Nigeria, 15-16th century


Victoria and Albert Museum

The Rape of Proserpina
1565 CE, Florence, Italy

Samson Slaying a
Philistine, 1562 CE
Giovanni Bologna

VA Museum displays

The Death of the Virgin
1430-40 CE

Seated Buddha, 400-
600 CE, Gupta Dynasty

Buddha Seated in
Meditation, 200-400 CE
Kushan Dynasty

The Adoration of the
Empty Throne, 100-300
CE, Kushan Dynasty

Bracket with Tree
Spirits, 100-200 CE
Kushan Dynasty

The Jain Goddess
Ambika, 1150-1200 CE
Eastern Ganga Period

"Tippoo's Tiger"

The School of Athens
1509 CE, Raphael (on loan)

Michelangelo's David
(on loan; back view)


Museum of London

Museum of London

London Wall,
Roman era

Dining room, 300 CE

London historical timeline


National Gallery

Salome receives the
head of John the Baptist,
Caravaggio, 1609-10


A sporting contest on
the Tiber at Rome, 1750
Claude-Joseph Vernet

The woman taken in
adultry, 1644 (more)

The Thames below
Westminster, 1871
Claude Monet


Pictures from 1995-98

London block

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Royal Albert Hall

AlbertHall.jpg (164126 bytes)

Raven, Tower of London

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Train station

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