Las Dunas, Dominican Republic

About two hours by road southwest of Santo Domingo is a landscape unique in the Caribbean. Right by the sea is a desertscape with ~20 sq km of sand dunes, with cactus and other desert-like shrub, where we saw iguanas scurrying away. A ranger at an entrace kiosk issued our tickets then took us for a long walk in this protected reserve known as the Monumento Natural Dunas de las Calderas.      [—Namit Arora, March 2012]

Monumento Natural Dunas
de las Calderas

A.k.a. Las Dunas

20 sq km of coastal sand dunes

Protected reserve west of
San Cristobal and Bani


Walking through

Going up a dune (more)

Going down a dune


View of the sea

Mas dunas (more)



Saw iguanas scurry by

Broken conch shells here

Cactus terrain

Reserve's office / entrance;
Ticketman doubles up as guide

A naval base nearby

Salt pans nearby (more)

Las Salinas Beach


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