Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China

"China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, searched obsessively for the secret of eternal life. And perhaps he found it; although he died aged only 50, the extraordinary legacy of his burial chambers lives on" ... (more)

Pit 1: Giant army of 6000+

2,300 years old

No two are alike

Qin Shi Huang's troops (more)

Foot soldiers (1, 2)

Once held weapons

In battle uniform

Life-sized soldiers (more)

Soldier with horses (more)

Facial detail

Standing warriors (more)


Warrior (1, 2)


Pit 3: Army headquarters

Damaged figures (more)

Damaged figures


Chariot drivers


Officer with headless men

Army officer (1, 2)

Pit 2: Giant tomb

Warrior body parts (more)

Terracotta torso

Warrior soup (more)

Army general

Kneeling archer

Cavalryman and horse

Head with body parts

Bronze chariot

Another view (more)


Second chariot (more)

Clinton family visit

Tomb enclosure (more)

Tomb enclosure



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