Big Goose Pagoda, Xian, China

"The Tang emperor, Gaozong, supported Hieun Tsang's enterprise. He even built a pagoda -- now called the Big Goose Pagoda -- to house his translations, many still in use and displayed in a small museum on site. Outside the entrance stands an elegant modern statue of the man. It is said that the emperor canceled all audiences for three days when he heard of Hieun Tsang's death." (read more)

Hieun Tsang (1, 2)

Big Goose Pagoda (1, 2)

Passage up the pagoda

Fountain show

Climbing up

Big Goose pagoda complex

Fine sculpture

View from above (more)

Buddha's footprint?

Fountain show

Local boy

Complex building (more)


Loaded Buddha!

Hieun Tsang in India

On-site museum (more)

Wall carving

Sutras from India

Buddhist sutras (more)

Wall carving (1, 2, 3)

Big Goose Pagoda

Hieun Tsang

Hieun Tsang

Buddha statue (1, 2)


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