Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, China

Located in the Old City in Shanghai, Yuyuan Garden is considered one of the four finest Chinese gardens. Built by Pan Yunduan in 1559, who spent 20 years on it to please his aging father Pan En, a high-ranking Ming Dynasty official. The gardens fell into disrepair for long periods until restored by the Shanghai government from 1956-1961, opened to the public in 1961, and declared a national monument in 1982. (read more)

Founded by Pan family ...

... rich Ming dynasty officials

Example of Ming garden

San Sui Hall
("bumper harvest")

One of many pavilions

Interior of a pavilion

One of many pavilions

One of many pavilions

Pool with carp

Roofs and flowers

Funky rock art (more)

Rich people's hangout

Roof design

Period furniture

Garden design

Ming aesthetics

Roof sculpture

Courtyard building (more)

Shopping center outside

Shopping center outside

Shopfront (1, 2)

Shopping center (1, 2, 3)

Shopping center

Steamed bun restaurant


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