Temple of Heaven Park, Beijing, China

The Temple of Heaven, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a 267-hectare park that dates from 1420 CE. It served as the center of religious rites performed by the Sons of Heaven, i.e., emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties, who prayed here for good harvest. (read more)

Symbol of Beijing Olympics
(near the northern gate)

The North Celestial Gate

Singer in the park (more)

Hall of Prayer for Good
Harvests (1, 2, 3)

Hall of Prayer for Good

Security detail for visiting
Russian dignitary

Close-up of the hall

Inside the hall (more)

Stairs leading up

Southern Gate

Firewood stoves

Sacrificial altar (more)

Imperial Vault of Heaven

Closer view (1, 2)

Inside the Vault of Heaven

Southern exit gate

Circular Mound Altar

Posing woman

Heavenly center stone (1)

Zhaoheng Gate (south)


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