Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo, Brazil

Po de Acar  

View from Corcovado


The world famour beach over four km long (Note: This picture is not copyright of Shunya's Site)

Gym on the beach

Pursuing the body beautiful

Evening walk

Pets are a common sight

Houses on hills

Near the Copacabana beach

Cristo Redentor

Christ overlooking Rio with welcoming arms

Teatro Municipal

Chief theater of Rio

Rio Marina

Flamengo district of Rio

Rio Cityscape ... 1



The business district and center



Samba rehearsal

One week before The Carnaval


Samba troupe

Po de Acar

Po de Acar in the backdrop on the left

Wild creatures, So Paulo

Cloth hangings for sale

Liberdade, So Paulo

Japan town in So Paulo

Banco, So Paulo

A street scene in So Paulo


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